Michael and my big sister

Michael and my big sister
Comfort quilts


Monday, March 22, 2010

I began making quilts several years ago.  I had a younger brother who when he was a baby used to carry his blankie around everywhere he went.  That was his signature.You always saw him with his blankie and we never figured out why, but he would put string or small pieces of cotton in each of his ears.  He was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer.I had visited him at the apartment in Dallas and he had asked me if I remembered the quilt I had made him for Christmas.  I said: that I had and he said: as a tear rolled down his cheek,  it had brought him so much comfort.  We both hugged each other.  He lost his battle with cancer and about a year after he passed away I started making lap quilts.  I did not know why it consumed me so until I realized that I was making them for him.

In just a few years I estimate that I made about 300 and given them to people who needed comforted. Here is a lap quilt that I made out of minkie fabric.    

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