Michael and my big sister

Michael and my big sister
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Posting Mother's Day ideas for sewing projects!

Hi everyone! I apologize for so many post but Utube only allows 10 minutes per video and on a how to sewing project that is not enough time. If I can load a 20 minute video to lower my post (emails) I will do that. With Mother's Day coming up I wanted to get these on my blog so people can see them while I am reading up on this. I am new to blogging and have made a few mistakes uploading my videos. I am still learning this program. I think this will be worth your time to view because there are some great ideas for Mother's Day here. I am sorry I can't share pictures yet but like I said I am still learning. I am trying to figure out how to post a picture with the video link like the little mouse. I just don't remember how I did that. These videos are all on table-scapes! I enjoyed making these so much. I learned how to stamp fabric . . so fun! I can see many possibilities with this tool. Please leave me a comment about what I might do to improve my blog. I am open to ideas. Thank you all for stopping by to see my blog. I will be in your neighborhood very soon and see what you are cooking up!

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